ecoSIP Innovation

SIP Panel

EcoSip imported SIP panels from Canada since 2006 and in 2009 began the production of these panels in Romania. Is an innovative technology that allows rapid supply of pre-cut SIP panels according to the technical specifications of each project, using EU certified materials and improving the resistance of the panels for building enduring.

SIP panel (Structural Insulated Panels) are a new generation of building materials for exterior walls, interior and rooftops, commercial spaces and attics. The technology was first time used in Canadian construction, took a special scale in Europe and Asia. Of all building materials, traditional or not, the SIP panels were used to construct meteorological research station of the United States at the South Pole in 2002, great weather, extremely low temperatures (up to-700C)!

Energoapan SIP panels are used as flame retardant treated (in two stages, the first to achieve them and cut panels and two flame spray solution after walling construction site) and against wood decay. Repellent composition of the solution used provide a low wood to absorb water, so all the negative elements that can affect the wood (fire, water, insects) are controlled by specific treatments.

Services - What can EcoSip do?


  • to design and make a home for your SIP panel structure
  • to remodel your old home and add a higher level or attic
  • to attic apartment buildings (structure EcoSip easy vastly superior to traditional wood and mineral wool) to enable rapid transition from project to
  • house your dreams.

Benefits / Objectives

  • To build sustainable, low-cost maintenance. Due the quality materials and special treatments applied for wood structure, we are confident in the sustainability of buildings of this type. EcoSip SIP panels are made by bonding with special adhesives, non-toxic and great adhesion to a polystyrene plates high-density (20 kg/m3) between two plates OSB3, industrial pressure conditions. Making a lamellar structure very dense wood, combined with high strength adhesion of adhesives used for bonding of OSB3 high density expanded polystyrene and using twisted nails and wood glue joints of high quality OSB panels and laminated wood elements make the structure of a building EcoSip panels have a high resistance.
  • Building ecological create a home for our customers clean and healthy without using toxic material impact on human health and at the same time, to protect the environment. And we do that by using green materials and decreasing the environmental impact of pollution given appropriate necessary to ensure a high heat for conventional construction.
  • Building at a discounted price, so the decision to purchase a house not be so difficult now. A decrease in the total price by 20-25% compared to conventional structures and a dramatic depreciation in less time thereof, as lower maintenance costs, make SIP panels and a viable future.
  • Building energy efficient, especially now, when home heating or cooling costs have drastically revalued when renting or selling a home can be made only on the energy performance certificate. Housing made of SIP panels EcoSip certainly higher positions within energy efficiency when using the recommended types of panels EcoSip even in class! 30-40% saving on home heating bills EcoSip SIP panels enables a more rapid amortization of construction costs.