What can EcoSip do? 



Features SIP panels made use of increasingly frequent:

- Speed ​​of execution of a SIP panel houses: all items are pre-cut industry, including door and window openings and channels for sanitary and electrical installation
- Reduced costs: building a SIP home can mean reducing construction costs up to 25-35% to a house made of classic materials and insulation due to higher maintenance costs can be reduced up to 35%
- making construction regardless of the season: only installation is performed outdoors, the rest of the work being done at the factory



Why use structural insulating panels EcoSip:

For very low heat transfer and prevents wood treatments applied condensation and mold;

How is all this possible?

Semi-prefabricated walls: under industrial assembly SIP panels in walls EcoSip whole finished them both exterior and interior, windows and doors mount ... Then bring these walls construction site and, using a crane, edit fast! The only elements that remain to be assembled at the construction site are ceilings (but do not forget that they are made of SIP panels EcoSip) and roof (same EcoSip SIP panels). In a few days, your home not only taking shape, but is closer every moment when you become "home" you!

Walls reach semi-finished construction site inside with a 12.5 mm gypsum board completely finished, ready for washable paint and outside with thermo-system (a layer of expanded polystyrene 30 mm and density 15 kg/m3) finished, ready-washable paint or decorative plaster. The interior walls are finished on both sides with plates of 12.5 mm plasterboard ready for washable paint. Just finished ceilings, gypsum plate, in the attic, drywall boards will be applied to the underside of roof panels forming EcoSip SIP.

The walls are pre-inserted structure wiring and pipes for water and sewage network, construction site, they are only junction with water and electricity networks. A team of professionals EcoSip will make all these connections, so that in no time, your house is and functional! How short is this for? A few days ...


All panels are pre-cut goals cylindrical diameter of 3.5 cm for electrical installation: vertical median channel for electrical connections between levels of construction, a horizontal channel located 35 cm from the sockets to install a horizontal channel located at 110 cm from the installation switches / switches for lighting and a third horizontal channel, located at 220 cm core for the electrical connections etc doses. 

Energoapan SIP panels are used as flame retardant treated (in two stages, the first to achieve them and cut panels and two flame spray solution after walling construction site) and against wood decay. Repellent composition of the solution used provide a low wood to absorb water, so all the negative elements that can affect the wood (fire, water, insects) are controlled by specific treatments.


Doors and windows

For preserving high thermal insulation coefficient specific EcoSip prefabricated buildings, outdoor PVC profile used has a thickness of 68 mm (six rooms insulating) and insulating glass is standard Tristram Low Solar Esau and LowE, thus making heat transfer under 1W/mp! Optional PVC can accessorize with aluminum sills on the outside, inside or PVC, anti-insect nets and PVC or aluminum roller shutters, manual or electrically operated (with or without remote control) and wind systems automatically closing blinds in case of strong wind or storm.


Speed of execution: structural insulated panels EcoSip reach the construction site pre-cut, numbered and ready to be installed. Made in industrial conditions after technical specifications of our client’s projects, EcoSip panels are easy to assemble, ultimately ensuring perfect correspondence between architectural details and the required strength and reality of a building ready to be used. A professional team can achieve the erection of a building within a few days EcoSip panels without compromising the quality! Intrinsic resistance of buildings EcoSip panel is not dependent on the time required for conventional construction methods for strengthening and maturing concrete, dry mortar etc. Reducing execution time means a decrease in labor costs, costs which may, if using concrete and brick, up to 35-40% of the cost of a building, in addition, lifting a classical system construction in weather periods unfavorable, may increase costs on the one hand due to the slower pace of work and on the other hand due to the necessity of using superior construction materials (concrete reinforcing additives and so on).

Reduced costs: builders and contractors know very well that usually construction costs to achieve a classical system may change (never down) due to frequent changes in prices of construction materials market, the emergence of photographs hidden or unforeseen works initial project etc. Using EcoSip panels provide a predictable total cost of construction marked. All panels are made necessary in the first place and all the necessary construction panels is determined exactly when the factory pre-cut. Also EcoSip panels have a cost per square meter much lower than the final cost of the same surface in the classic construction: do not use mortar, plastering not not build etc ... This makes the overall total costs are 20-25% lower than in the case of concrete and brick construction!

Special insulation: EcoSip panels give great insulation for your home! The fact that the roof (the place where you lose the greatest amount of heat in a building) is made of the same EcoSip panels, even with a thickness equal to or greater than that used to make the outer walls reduces heating costs in season cold up to 40%! As a comparison, a wall thickness of insulation EcoSip 15 cm equivalent to a brick wall 90 cm classic! To maximize insulation of your home, we recommend using SIP panels and over the concrete foundation or steel structure, on which you can apply desired finish.

Seismic resistance: EcoSip SIP construction panels are suitable for seismic zones A, B and C1! Elasticity junctional wood structure, dissipating forces all SIP panels EcoSip surface, given the intrinsic resistance of OSB structure and adhesive qualities used SIP panels make buildings ability to resist without much damage to the buildings tectonic movements classic brick and concrete, would have greatly suffered. Possibility exterior finishing different materials, from plaster decorative and ornamental stone PVC siding;
If for interior furnishing and decorating methods are reduced in most cases the use of gypsum boards or wood paneling where things are different outer finishing practically any exterior finishing, traditional or not, adapts SIP EcoSip easily prefabricated buildings - an extra layer of expanded polystyrene support may apply plasters or washable paint, wood siding, shingles or siding type PVC Alucobond easily apply special due to flatness EcoSip walls and the use of adhesives allows special exterior finish cladding with different materials (stone or decorative panels, outdoor ceramic seal etc.).   

Resistance to moisture repellent Besides intrinsic ability OSB3 boards (especially manufactured for outdoor use) that are used in making EcoSip SIP panels, enhanced by the use of substances applied treatments conducting anti-fire, anti-insect but and anti-damp, humid environments where additional protection against it EcoSip achieved by using special finishing plates with high cement content (content associated with insulator) which essentially "sealed" construction EcoSip so completely avoided SIP panels can contact with atmospheric humidity or precipitation.


It is true that limits the use of SIP panels EcoSip no limits, and they must be considered: the maximum height of a building made of SIP panels with exclusive wooden structure lamellar resistance may not exceed 12.5 ml, equivalent with a structure of ground floor + first floor + attic type (P + E + M). It is however possible to use SIP panels for the walls EcoSip exterior, interior and roof for any building, structure strength frames made of concrete or metal.


Without added using other structural elements (concrete or metal) EcoSip panels can be used in the construction of houses, boarding houses, commercial or public establishments (expansions schools, kindergartens) with a height of P +1 + M, in urban areas and / or extra-open field.

Services - What can EcoSip do?


  • to design and make a home for your SIP panel structure
  • to remodel your old home and add a higher level or attic
  • to attic apartment buildings (structure EcoSip easy vastly superior to traditional wood and mineral wool) to enable rapid transition from project to
  • house your dreams.

Benefits / Objectives

  • To build sustainable, low-cost maintenance. Due the quality materials and special treatments applied for wood structure, we are confident in the sustainability of buildings of this type. EcoSip SIP panels are made by bonding with special adhesives, non-toxic and great adhesion to a polystyrene plates high-density (20 kg/m3) between two plates OSB3, industrial pressure conditions. Making a lamellar structure very dense wood, combined with high strength adhesion of adhesives used for bonding of OSB3 high density expanded polystyrene and using twisted nails and wood glue joints of high quality OSB panels and laminated wood elements make the structure of a building EcoSip panels have a high resistance.
  • Building ecological create a home for our customers clean and healthy without using toxic material impact on human health and at the same time, to protect the environment. And we do that by using green materials and decreasing the environmental impact of pollution given appropriate necessary to ensure a high heat for conventional construction.
  • Building at a discounted price, so the decision to purchase a house not be so difficult now. A decrease in the total price by 20-25% compared to conventional structures and a dramatic depreciation in less time thereof, as lower maintenance costs, make SIP panels and a viable future.
  • Building energy efficient, especially now, when home heating or cooling costs have drastically revalued when renting or selling a home can be made only on the energy performance certificate. Housing made of SIP panels EcoSip certainly higher positions within energy efficiency when using the recommended types of panels EcoSip even in class! 30-40% saving on home heating bills EcoSip SIP panels enables a more rapid amortization of construction costs.